My favourite planner for my creative counselling biz

I am often asked by our members how I organise my daily, weekly and monthly workloads and whether I use a planner!

I’ve recently created a video about this within our Free Creative Therapy Biz Tools Facebook group HERE

During this video I introduced my favourite planner which helps me to plan and organise every aspect of my biz and life. This law of attraction planner has key zoned writing areas around:

  • Creating a vision board
  • Creating personal statements within your business and life
  • Chunking down workloads
  • Celebrating your achievements
  • How what we put out there we attract back to us
  • To do list
  • Positive habit maker
  • Enhancing your self-care

This planner offers so much in one little book and for such a great price! It is also a great creative tool, if like me, you need to work outside the box!

I love the leather look and the luxury feel to it!

Take a look here:


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