Self-Care Plan

Creating a self-care plan:

This has been a common theme that seems to emerge when supporting clients. It is also a common theme amongst therapists and a lack of self-care can cause extreme burn out or fatigue.

If I identify a lack of self-care with clients I have often created a self-care plan. This is created with the goal of raising self-awareness and making a commitment to self around meeting our own needs. When we support client to start to meet their own needs then we start to empower clients to be able to take care of self.

I also make sure that I model this self-care within the various support groups that I am involved with and through my social media accounts. We all know that the best therapeutic tool that we can offer is ourselves. We walk our talk!

So how do we do this?

I have created a simple plan layout which can be used with clients to trigger some daily self-care actions and to bring about some awareness of the impact of how taking control of how you take care of yourself can feel really good! This worksheet has proven to be very well received within therapeutic women’s self-care groups!

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