Creative Counselling Worksheets

I love working with creative worksheets as tools to help clients to explore what they are experiencing!

These are some of my favourite tools to use!

My roots – what is under the surface:

The first worksheet invites clients to explore themselves and what they are masking! It asks us to explore what we show others and what we keep to ourselves. A little spin on Johari’s Window!

Another take on this is to use it as a self-care tool, to enable us to explore what feeds us. What will our tree grow into if we do not provide water, sunshine and good soil? What will the difference be if we do provide all of these nurturing qualities?

40 Things I like about me:

In this tool we explore building confidence with clients. We invite clients to start to collect I AM confidence building statements over a period of 7 days. I like to then explore this in a deeper way by creating a canvas of all of the positive I AM statements that have been created. We do this by first painting the canvas and creating what ever designs a client would like to create. Then we take out the statements and start to arrange these on to the canvas. We explore these statements as we go!

Your stress block:

This stress block exercise has proven over and over again to be a very useful tool when exploring clients stress levels. We look at different areas within a clients life and we start to complete the worksheet. We start with what the stressors are and then we work on creating tools which can support a client to cope with stress and bring greater self awareness!

All of these tools are offered in a person-centred way and they all offer a chance for clients to visually see what they may be struggling with, to bring greater self awareness and to bring greater understanding to what they are experiencing and internalising!

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