“Using Creative Counselling Interventions helps clients to express their emotions and share their stories in ways that may feel easier than talking” 

We are a community of 11500 counsellors from 99 different countries on a mission to help end the global mental health crisis through The Power of Creativity and Community



Members share their favourite Creative Counselling Interventions and what it means to be a member of The Creative Counsellors Club

Our Community Leader Tanja, was selected by Facebook for a Community Leadership Award

In October 2018 we were recognised by Facebook as “one of the 115 most inspiring communities in the world” and our Founder Tanja Sharpe was invited to take part in a year long Facebook Community Leadership Program as a Facebook Fellow! This includes kick starter funding for our Big Ripple Project which we launched in February!

Our Big Ripple Project - Creative Therapeutic Skills Shares in the UK

Our Big Ripple project launched in February and we now host over 40 annual networking, training, peer support & creative counselling skills shares across the UK. We cover themes such as working creatively with masks, painting, nesting dolls, miniatures, sand, clay, movement, music, and animals to help you to confidently integrate creative exploration of emotions and experiences within your client work. You receive a CPD certificate for any skills shares that you attend! Team members Tanja, Evie & Dee travelled to meet with our members in Belfast and Essex to take part in their skills shares. These sessions were facilitated by Pauline, Eilish & Claire and we worked with animals, nesting dolls, masks and mandalas!

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Your Online Membership Hub


In 2019 we launched our online membership hub where we inspire and connect members through online CPD, training & networking for like-minded counsellors who are drawn to working creatively! You get access to online skills shares around working creatively with trauma & dissociation, self-harm, gaming addictions, timelines, dreams, symbolism and supporting Autistic clients to name just a few. We are passionate about making this membership affordable to everyone and so offer this at only £10 per month. When you join you receive a welcome pack including a members card, badge and membership letter. You will also be the first to hear about our events, access to tickets and any members discounts available!

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Train to be an accredited Creative Youth Wellbeing & Mindfulness Coach Online

Do you work with children in groups? Or would you like to? Every year Tanja takes two groups of members through her unique programme which teaches you how to deliver 8 Creative Youth Wellbeing & Mindfulness Club sessions for groups of young people aged 6-13.

This is a full done for you programme combining Mindfulness, neuro-science & friendly CBT tools in a fun and creative way. Through art, games play and relaxing meditation tools, the course can help young people to become more compassionate towards self and others and to build kindness, gratitude and self-love tools into their daily lives.

**Growing resilient & confident kids who bounce back in hard times**

A BUSINESS IN A BOX. The course provides everything for you:

Powerpoint slides, done for you creative exercises, resources kit list, evaluation forms, assessment forms, PDF guide book and everything you need to succeed!

Tanja has run these clubs for the last three years and those who have completed the training have taught this programme in schools, clubs, privately, for charities and in 1:1 therapy sessions.

You can access and start this course at any time and there is a payment plan available!

Click the link below to find out more!

Group Highlights

We were recognised by Facebook as “one of 115 most inspiring communities in the world” and have been a part of the Facebook Community Leadership Program! This program aims to provide us as a community with training, support to grow and a platform to reach out to counsellors all around the world so we can spread our movements message

The team visited Facebook HQ in London to spend a day with other community leaders! We were asked to run a creative therapeutic skills share for 100 + Facebook staff and community leaders. We worked with masks, mind maps and group shares to explore mental health topics

Our Chester conference welcomed 60+ members to explore working creatively with your Inner Child & how to successfully market your private counselling practice. Ofcourse, we like to make sure that we have fun! So this amazing photo booth brought out the cheeky side of our members. Admin Evie definately embraced her Inner Child as a yellow bird